The Office Ladies: A REVIEW

Thank you for calling Dunder Mifflin, Scranton.

In 2018, five years after the first episode aired, The Office was crowned as the most-streamed show. Audiences streamed 52 million minutes of the office, more than any other show online and 20 million more minutes than Friends.

Six years ago, after 201 episodes, The Office ended. It was a cultural phenomenon, modeled after the British show with the same title. The original was a show in a league of its own, but what the American version of The Office grew into was so much more than just a show that redefined sitcoms. It was nothing short of 22–25 minutes of magic airing into American living rooms each week.

It is hard to believe that anyone with cable or a Netflix subscription hasn’t seen at least one episode of The Office. Or like most of us, have seen the entire series from start to finish more than once.

Reliving the Magic

Three weeks ago, Angela Kinsey and Jenna Fischer, who played Angela and Pam on the Office, put their tiny little podcast into the world. Each week they watch an episode, dissect what happens, and fill the audience in on what was happening behind the scenes. As two actresses who starred in the office from the first episode to the last, they bring fun facts and a unique perspective that the audience hasn’t heard.

Kinsey and Fischer spend a lot of time talking about how they met on the show and what it was like starting. The two are real-life best friends now, attributing both their friendship and careers to the sitcom.

While going through a tote of things kept from her time on the show, Angela came up with the idea to rewatch the show in time for the fifteenth anniversary and share memories from the show with the ever-growing fanbase of The Office.

At first, the duo of best friends wanted to pick a few of their favorites to discuss on the podcast, but after going through their list, it was clear there were too many to count. Instead, they decided to rewatch the entire series and embark on what will be a four-year project.

“We’ll keep going as long as people are listening,” Jenna Fischer told the New York Times.

And three weeks in, it is very clear that the people are listening.

A Must Listen

With only three episodes released, the reviews from The Office Ladies Podcast are overwhelming positive. On iTunes, it has a solid five-star rating with a staggering 24,657 reviews.

Listening to best friends, Angela and Jenna talk to each other and special guests, like Rainn Wilson, you feel as if you are were there. It is like sitting with a group of friends talking about a fond memory that each of you shares. The castmates bring you into their memories and friendship, making you feel as if you have been there all along. After listening to all the episodes, I’m left wondering where my mixtape of “The Sounds of Scranton” Jenna made as a season one wrap gift is because clearly, she forgot to give me mine. That’s how close you will feel after listening to Jenna, Angela, and Rainn Wilson at the end of episode three where they talk about Rainn’s son being born during the first season.

The one downside of the podcast is that Fischer and Kinsey can seem stiff at times, but with a few more episodes under their belts, I think they will feel more comfortable. By the third episode, they already feel like they are starting to loosen up and get the hang of this hosting thing.

If you’re a fan of the office, and honestly who isn’t, it is a must listen and can be heard wherever podcasts can be found.

Thirty something queer mom of two, one with autism. Lover of sushi, coffee, and wine. Living a life of travel. Top Writer

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